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Welcome to Asha Kirana

Asha Kirana is a pioneer in providing counseling services, care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS in this region since 1997. Asha Kirana Hospital, a 30-bed facility established in November 2004, brings together research and state-of-the-art treatment for HIV / AIDS and opportunistic infections. Asha Kirana has a network of multidisciplinary health care professionals who offer their expertise to provide quality care.

This combination along with community-based interventions has enhanced the credibility of the institution in Karnataka state as a quality service provider in the field of HIV / AIDS. Readmore....

Asha Kirana Mysore - Aids Hospital
Chairman's Message

Over three decades in to the epidemic, HIV/AIDS continues to dodge mankind with challenges of finding a comprehensive vaccine, complete cure and one stop answer to combat stigma and discrimination.From being rapidly progressive fatal disease, AIDS is now considered as a manageable chronic illness.A number of new Anti Retroviral medicines are presently available expanding the scope of treatment options.

The global ‘Free Anti-Retroviral Therapy roll out'(ART) since year 2004 has thrown up newer challenges like non-adherence,failing Readmore....

Asha Kirana Mysore - Chairman Message

Grateful Acknowledgement
How AIDS Spreads in Human Body ?
This amendment effectively removes the investment cap of 1 crore rupees in plant and machinery and allows larger, better capitalized, more organized players to enter this industry.