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About Us

Originating as a Counseling & care clinic for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWA) at Mahaveer hospital Mysore in 1997, Asha Kirana Evolved into a full-fledged 30 bedded Hospital in 2004, with facilities for general healthcare as well as speciality care for HIV/AIDS. Spread over an acre of land in the peaceful environs of Mysore, the hospital today is a major reference point on the healthscape of Karnataka, receiving a number of HIV/AIDS cases from far and wide and has helped improve the lives of more than 7000 PLWA.


Asha Kirana is a pioneer in providing counseling services, care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS in this region since 1997. Asha Kirana Hospital, a 30-bed facility established in November 2004, brings together research and state-of-the-art treatment for HIV / AIDS and opportunistic infections. Asha Kirana has a network of multidisciplinary health care professionals who offer their expertise to provide quality care.

This combination along with community-based interventions has enhanced the credibility of the institution in Karnataka state as a quality service provider in the field of HIV / AIDS.

Asha Kirana works with schools, industry, and other community and faith-based organizations to promote HIV/ AIDS awareness. Counselors and Out Reach Workers (ORWs) conduct periodic HIV/AIDS education and prevention programs in schools and work places through guest lectures and interactive sessions.

Asha Kirana is on the advisory board of the District HIV / AIDS Coordination Committee headed by the District Collector and Convened by District Health Officer. The main objective of the Committee is to create and enhance awareness and provide comprehensive package of services on HIV / AIDS throughout the district in coordination with various NGOs, CBOs and FBOs.

Vision, Mission and objectives


Asha Kirana as a benchmark institution for knowledge, understanding and action on HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases.


  • Build awareness to destigmatize the AIDS epidemic
  • Develop state-of-the-art infrastructure and an institutional network for preventing, testing and treating PLWA
  • Provide holistic, unstigmatized and high-quality care at nominal cost
  • Rehabilitate abandoned women and AIDS-orphans
  • Undertake research projects on clinical, epidemiological and social aspects of HIV/AIDS

Chairman's Message

Over three decades in to the epidemic, HIV/AIDS continues to dodge mankind with challenges of finding a comprehensive vaccine, complete cure and one stop answer to combat stigma and discrimination.From being rapidly progressive fatal disease, AIDS is now considered as a manageable chronic illness.A number of new Anti Retroviral medicines are presently available expanding the scope of treatment options.

The global ‘Free Anti-Retroviral Therapy roll out’(ART) since year 2004 has thrown up newer challenges like non-adherence, failing regimens and adverse effects of life long treatment.Several years of managing People Living With AIDS (PLWA) allowed us to experience the true meaning of words like care, concern, compassion and courage.In spite of progress in medical research there are many who still need to be touched, cared and comforted, we at Asha Kirana strongly feel ‘this is an obligation we must fulfill’

Strengthen our hands to create 'a ray of hope and way forward'


Who’s Who

Asha Kirana Charitable Trust is a not-for-profit NGO formed by noted persons from varied professional backgrounds, sharing a common concern and commitment. The trust comprises the following members:

Name Designation Profession
Dr. S N Mothi, MBBS, DCH, MD (Paed.) Chairman Paediatrician
Dr. R Mahesh Kumar, MBBS, MS, FRCS, FAIS, FICS Vice Chairman Surgeon
Mr. R Sukumar, BTech, MBA Treasurer Industrialist
Sri. Hemchand Jain Trustee Philanthropist
Mr. K S Guru Raja, BSc, BGL Trustee Business Consultant
Mr. Raian F Irani, BCom, MBA Trustee Industrialist
Mr. Paramjit Singh, MCom, LLB Trustee Entrepreneur

Institutional Ethics Committee:

Asha Kirana has constituted an Ethics committees to review and oversee research projects. This committees will review each research proposal, approve the research before any work can begin and continue to monitor human safety issues. The primary purpose of the IEC is to ensure the protection of the rights and welfare of the human subjects and all research conducted by Asha Kirana is in compliance with the highest ethical standards. The members are from varied backgrounds, - Physicians, Microbiologists, Lawyers, Surgeons, Professors, Counselors.

Name Designation
Prof.V.K.NATARAJ Chairperson
Mr. SUKUMAR.R Member
Prof. A.C. RAMA KRISHNA Member
Dr. Y.S. MADHAVI Member
Mr. S. ARUN KUMAR Member
Grateful Acknowledgement