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Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

PPTCT (Project Period April 2003 to Sept 2014)

Asha Kirana is implementing the PPTCT program under EGPAF (Elizabeth Glaser pediatric AIDS Foundation) in 11 collaborating private hospital in four districts- Mysore District, Hassan District, Chikkamaglore District and Chamaraja nagar District. Asha Kirana is conducting sensitization and education programs in collaboration with medical and nursing colleges in the area, leveraging on associations from the Indian Medical Association. The services offered under this program include voluntary counseling and testing, antiretroviral prophylaxis and counseling on safe feeding practices to prevent newborns from contracting HIV/AIDS. The HIV positive pregnant women are provided comprehensive obstetric and neonatal care. Frequent assessment of impact are undertaken on final outcomes of interest, Mainly HIV infection status of children, child mortality, social consequences of HIV testing (positive/Negative) and social consequences of replacement feeding. Asha Kirana is the forerunner in this region for providing PPTCT services in private sector.


EGPAF-PPTCT Details from 2003 to September 2014.

S.No Indicators Cumulative
1 No of ANC Registration 87,894
2 No of Women Counselled 73,213
3 No of women tested for HIV 70,022
4 No of Women found HIV Positive 462
5 No of PCR tested 359
6 No of PCR Positive 1

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